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Whatever you need, ask us first!

From a single bolt to a truck load of materials, We can do it!

Owned and Operated by the Randall Family since 2004 we pride ourselves on our product knowledge, great range and convenient shopping. We cover everything from screws and timber, paint supplies for home and trade, pipe and plumbing fittings, cement and concrete, seedlings and fertilizers, key cutting, gas refills, power tools, hand tools, Electric Pruners, garden supplies, cleaning products and more.
“Everything thing you need without and all the guff you don’t”
Come in and give us a go! You won’t know if you don’t ask!


We offer FREE local area delivery.
Proud supporters of our local community.

440 Prospect Rd, Kilburn, SA
Phone: (08) 8262 6939

Open 7 Days

Monday – Saturday 8:30am – 5pm

Sunday / Public Holidays 10am – 4pm


Haymes Paint Trade and Retail Centre

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Bahco Professional Pruning Tools

Dealer and Service Agent

Adelaide’s Leading Bahco Electric Pruner Dealer





Big Red Heritage Wire and Gates now available to order in store