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Bahco Professional Pruning Tools

Professional Pruning Tools

Electric Secateurs

To complement their already trusted hand pruning tools Bahco have released their lightweight Electric Secateurs – the BCL21. It is ideal for use by professionals in viticulture, orchards and horticulture environments, and can also be used for maintenance work in parks and gardens.

The compact blade of the BCL21 Electric Secateurs are manufactured in France, and enables a good clean cut of up to 35mm, which is ideal when fast pruning in confined spaces.

It can undertake up to a full day’s work, which typically requires up to 10,000 cuts before the battery needs recharging.

The BCL21 Electric Secateur weighs just 670g, which also reduces the risk of strain to the elbows and shoulders. Their comfortable grip is suitable for both left and right handed users.

Powered by a Lithium-ion battery, the BCL21 secateurs have three different cutting settings:

‘Progressive Fast Cut’ with half opening if required, saving time when cutting small branches, allowing maximum power and speed (21,000 rpm).

‘Progressive Cut’ allows for smooth operation with half opening if required, with reduced battery consumption and noise due to lower power use and speed.

‘Non – Progressive Fast Cut’ which is all or nothing, offering a fast operation with half opening if required.

The optical trigger allows for a fast, precise and progressive blade movement when in operation.

A Xylan® coating on the Bahco Pradines blade enables deeper, easier cutting. Blade change and adjustment takes only a few seconds, with no tools required.

The brush-less, high performance motor has an integral cooling system and is designed for intensive professional use.

The BCL21 electric secateurs carry a two-year warranty, provided they are serviced after the first year by a Bahco accredited service centre.

BCL21 Electric Pruner $1870

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BCL21 Electric Pruner $1870 35mm Cut Capacity